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Message from the President

e-Associates: Facilitators of Conversations Between the Issuers and Investors Across the Global Markets
With the Internet, participants of the global capital markets, issuers and investors, are again able to talk to each other in a manner that wasn't simply possible in the era of mass media. As the world gets smaller and what used to be local markets converge into one truly global market, there is a growing need for services that facilitate cross border communications between the issuers and investors.

Japanese companies have been often criticized for being opaque. While there may have been some truth to such criticism in the past, Japanese companies are no longer contented with the stereotype image of Japan as a mysterious country. More and more Japanese companies are willing to talk, to understand the players of the global markets and, at the same time, to be understood by them.

We also note that global companies are beginning to turn their eyes to the huge potential of the Japanese market as source of capital.

e-Associates' mission is to facilitate communications between the Japanese companies and the global investors as well as between the global companies and the Japanese investors. To do so, we will make optimum use of the Internet and other information technologies. However, we are not bound by these means. We are driven by the goal of facilitating better communications between the issuers and the investors. To achieve that goal, we are open to any means, including traditional face-to-face interface and other means that are effective.

e-Associates, based in Tokyo, is uniquely positioned to facilitate cross border communications with its array of services and the blend of local knowledge and global perspective.
Teruo Shiina
Message from the President
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